Sport Extreme Mask Pro

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Hate that cold wind-chill across your face?

Our Sport Extreme Mask Pro provides maximum protection from cold winds, snow and UV rays, giving you a much pleasant riding experience.

The built-in inner ventilation design prevents your lens from fog thus providing you with clear visibility all day long.
  • UV400 Protection Rating - 100% protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Easy Separation Module - The goggle and the mask detach for easy transportation and to give you a choice of wear.
  • Lenses coated to reduce glare.
  • Anti-Fog Film Design - Water absorbing film on the surface of the lens absorbs vapour while the breathable foam layer effectively drains moisture and introduces dry airand which prevents the fog from being generated.
  • Double Lens Technology - A layer of sealed air between the lenses ensures the inner lense stays warm and dry.
  • Anti-Slip Belt  - Made from 100% elastic polyamide for easy adjustment.
  • Made from alloy, poly-carbonate and acetate fabrics for strength and durability 

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